Levil AHRS G Mini SW

Levil AHRS G Mini SW
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The AHRS-G mini is a battery powered attitude and heading reference system that provides pitch and bank information as well as magnetic heading, inclination, gravity load and yaw rate wirelessly to your portable device. Unlike the gyros inside your iPad or other similar systems, the AHRS-G mini is the only AHRS system that guarantees a Zero drift per hour rating. Meaning there is no calibration required at any point. Just set it on a level surface and you can count on an accurate horizon for the rest of the flight.

Levil AHRS

Just use the internal battery (good for 7 hours, recharges through mini USB port)
Use the mini-usb port to apply constant voltage (i.e from the cigarette lighter receptacle)
Apply 8-32V airplane power through the RS232 connector (i.e Experimental airplanes)

Connect your device to the AHRS' Wifi network (i.e iPhone/iPad users)
Connect AHRS to your portable device via USB (i.e HP tablet PC)
Connect AHRS to your panel mounted device through the RS-232 port
Connect AHRS to another hardware and let them channel the information to the iPad (i.e SkyRadar ADS-B receiver)

Pick a software that is compatible with the AHRS on your portable or panel-mounted device and enjoy primary flight information at your fingertips!


Operating Voltage: 5V and 8-32V
Running Current: 0.29 Amps at 5V
Operating Temperature: 0-70 Celsius (32-158 F)
Dimensions: 4" x 2" x 1"
Weight: 5oz
Max rate of turn: 200 deg/sec
Output: serial USB, Wi-fi and RS232
AHRS structure: 3 MEMs gyros, 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis magnetometer
Cycle scan: 13 Hz for AHRS, 2Hz for air data
Battery: USB rechargeable, lasts up to 7 hours when fully charged

Compatible Apps

Air Navigation Pro Air Navigation Pro (iPad/iPhone)

WingX Pro 7 WingX Pro 7 - Synthetic Vision (iPad)

i1000 Flight System i1000 Flight System (iPad/iPhone)

iHUD Remote iHUD Remote (iPad/iPhone)

AirTrack AirTrack (iPad)

Gyronaut Gyronaut (iPad/iPhone)

Levil AHRS Utility AHRS Utility by Levil (iPad)

EFIS-1831 EFIS-1831 (Windows)

Mountain Scope Mountain Scope (Windows)

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