Bendix-King KX-155 NAV/COMM Recertified

Bendix-King KX-155 NAV/COMM  Recertified


The Bendix-King KX-155 is an industry standard. A bright gas discharge, flip flop display shows 760 Comm and 200 Nav channels. It's available with or without 40 channel glideslope receiver in 14v and 28v versions. This is a very well engineered workhorse with an excellent reliability record and is one of the top radio models ever built.

Push button frequency flip-flop with display of active and standby NAV and COMM frequencies makes tuning the KX155 a simple task. Models are available with built-in audio amplifier, 25 or 50 kHz COMM receiver selectivity and can be used the KI-209 VOR/LOC/GS indicator.

The KX 155 boasts a minimum COMM transmitter output of 10 watts minimum. Operating on all 760 existing frequencies (118.00 to 136.975 MHz), the system is expandable to 139.975 MHz to accomodate possible future allotions.

'Flip Flop' frequency switching (for both NAV and COMM sections) is standard, of course. Direct tuning and a remote transfer switch are also available.

Fully self contained, the compact KX 155 is just 2.05" high by 6.25" wide.

*image shown for illustration purposes only.

Versions Available:

P/N: 069-1024-35 (FM Immune, 28V, with Glideslope). Unit Only.
P/N: 069-1024-38 (FM Immune, 14V). Unit Only.
P/N: 069-1024-42 (FM Immune, 14V, with Glideslope). Unit Only.

Trays, backplates and connector kits available - please ask.


Dimensions 6.25in W x 2.05in H x 10.16in L
Weight 4.75-5.5 lbs (depends on version)
Power Requirement 14/28Vdc
Temperature Range -20C to 55C
Altitude Range -15,000 to 50,000ft
Display Gas Discharge
Transmitter power 10 watts minimum
TSO compliance C37b, C38b , C36c, C40a

I just want to thank you all again, and especially you Anne for your help in tracking the package. It is wonderful to work with people like you, for whom it is of no consequence whether one buys a simple cable or an expensive GPS. Your effort is the same in all cases. Keep up this way of doing business, it is refreshing.
William (Holland)

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