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Dynon Avionics EFIS

Dynon Electronic Flight Instrumentation Systems (EFIS)

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Dynon EFIS-D6 System (101223-000)
The Dynon EFIS-D6 system. Includes D6 unit (101222-000) and EDC-D10A (100323-000). Because some like to keep it simple, Dynon ...more >>
Our Price 1500.00
(1250.00 ex. VAT)
Dynon D2 Pocket Panel - Portable EFIS
Dynon D2 Pocket Panel - Portable EFIS "A Little Attitude for Everyone" The D2 utilizes the same Dynon AHRS technology tha...more >>
Our Price 1020.00
(850.00 ex. VAT)
Dynon EFIS-D60 Super-Bright System (101225-000)
EFIS-D60 (Super-Bright) system by Dynon. Includes EFIS-D60 unit (101224-000), EDC-D10A (100323-000) and Mounting tray (100422-0...more >>
Our Price 1794.00
(1495.00 ex. VAT)
Dynon D10A EFIS (100538-000)
** Remote compass (EDC-D10A) is recommended. Dynon's EFIS-D10A is the most popular Electronic Flight Information System on t...more >>
Our Price 2034.00
(1695.00 ex. VAT)
Dynon D100 SuperBright Screen (100534-001)
Dynon's EFIS-D100 is the most affordable large screen Electronic Flight Information System on the market today. Based on the ...more >>
Our Price 2274.00
(1895.00 ex. VAT)
Dynon EFIS-D100 S/Bright System (100533-001)
The Dynon EFIS-D100 System includes EFIS-D100 Super-Bright unit (100534-001), EDC-D10A (100323-000), Mounting tray (100422-000)...more >>
Our Price 2394.00
(1995.00 ex. VAT)
Dynon FlightDEK-D180 S/Bright (100567-001)
The Dynon FlightDEK-D180 represents a new class of avionics that combines all EFIS and Engine Monitoring functions into a singl...more >>
Our Price 3000.00
(2500.00 ex. VAT)
Dynon FlightDEK-D180 S/Bright System (100565-001)
The Dynon FlightDEK-D180 Combined EFIS/EMS system. Includes FlightDek-D180 S/Bright unit (100567-001), mounting tray (100422-00...more >>
Our Price 3180.00
(2650.00 ex. VAT)
Dynon Tiller Arm/Bow Kit
Dynon Tiller Arm/Bow Kit - for RV-10 / RV-14 Yaw Damper Installation Attaches to a Dynon autopilot servo to provide yaw damper...more >>
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