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ADSB Receiver

ADS-B receiver hardware for PC/laptop/tablet

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Garmin GDL 50R Remote-Mount ADS-B Receiver

• GPS/ADSB Receiver
• Dual Band ADS-B Traffic/Weather
• Remote unit - No Panel Space Required
• Wireless Connectivity

Our Price 780.00
(650.00 ex. VAT)
SkyEcho 2 Electronic Conspicuity

• ADS-B Transceiver
• Flarm Receiver
• TSO-C199 GPS (SIL=1)
• Barometric Altimeter
• Up To 12 Hour Battery Life

Our Price 499.00
(415.83 ex. VAT)
Air Avionics AT-1 Traffic System

• ADS-B, Mode S and FLARM Receiver
• FLARM Transmitter
• Minor Change Approval available
• Wireless Interface
• Remote Mounted - No Panel Space

Our Price 1918.80
(1599.00 ex. VAT)
Air Avionics ATD-57 AIR Traffic Display

• Display for AT-1 Traffic Unit
• 2.25" (57mm) Panel Mount
• FLARM and Garmin TIS Protocol

Our Price 462.00
(385.00 ex. VAT)
Dynon SV-ADSB-472 Traffic and Weather Receiver

• Dual Band ADS-B and Weather Receiver
• Interfaces to Dynon SkyView Systems
• RS232 Serial Interface

Our Price 780.00
(650.00 ex. VAT)
GNS 5890 ADS-B Receiver USB-Stick

• USB ADS-B Receiver for PC/Tablet
• External Antenna Supplied

Our Price 90.00
(75.00 ex. VAT)
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