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Bluetooth Receivers

Bluetooth GPS receivers from GNS, Dual and Garmin.
Suitable for iPhone and iPad series as well as most bluetooth enabled PDAs and smartphones.

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Bad Elf GPS Pro
Next-Generation GPS Receiver & Datalogger for iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad The Bad Elf GPS Pro was designed specificall...more >>

Our Price 198.00
(165.00 ex. VAT)
Bad Elf GPS Pro+ with Bluetooth
The new Bad Elf GPS Pro+ adds GLONASS satellite capability, USB file system access to data logs, and a barometric sensor for al...more >>

Our Price 270.00
(225.00 ex. VAT)
Bad Elf GNSS Surveyor
The Bad Elf GNSS Surveyor delivers high precision sub meter position to the iPad for use in survey, agriculture, marine, sports...more >>

Our Price 658.80
(549.00 ex. VAT)
GNS 2000+ Bluetooth GPS receiver
The GNS 2000+ transmits due to its highly sensitive Bluetooth-GNSS technology very accurate position information to Apple's iPo...more >>

Our Price 96.00
(80.00 ex. VAT)
Garmin GLO 2 Portable GPS Receiver for Aviation
Fly with the portable device of your choice and Garmin-caliber GPS data at the same time. GLO 2 for Aviation combines GPS/GLONA...more >>

Our Price 130.80
(109.00 ex. VAT)
Dual XGPS150A Bluetooth GPS Receiver
The Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver is very simple to use. There is a quick set up process that includes pairing your device w...more >>

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(99.00 ex. VAT)
Dual XGPS 160 SkyPro GPS Receiver
Meet the SkyPro - a brand new GPS Receiver with fast signal acquisition and 10Hz positioning updates, making it an ideal GPS fo...more >>

Our Price 178.80
(149.00 ex. VAT)
Dual XGPS170D GPS for iPads and Android tablets
The XGPS170D features a WAAS GPS, dual band (978/1090 MHz) ADSB receiver for weather & traffic information. The receiver w...more >>

Our Price 474.00
(395.00 ex. VAT)
Dual XGPS190 for iPads and Android tablets
XGPS190 GPS + Dual Band ADS-B + AHRS for iPad and Android tablets The XGPS190 features a WAAS GPS, dual band (978/1090 MHz) ...more >>

Our Price 714.00
(595.00 ex. VAT)