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STEP 6 - Comms and Traffic

VHF radio, NAV, Transponders and ADS-B.

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Garmin GTR 225 VHF Transceiver w/8.33

• 8.33 KHz Transceiver
• 6.25" (160mm) Stack Mount
• Built-in 2-place Intercom
• 10W or 16W Output Power


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Garmin GNC 255 Series VHF NAV/COM

8.33KHz Channel Spacing COM
VOR/LOC/GS Receiver
Monitor Standby Frequency
6.25" (159mm) Panel Mount (Tray Included)
Built-in 2-place Intercom
10W or 16W Output Power


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Garmin GDL 50R Remote-Mount ADS-B Receiver

GPS/ADSB Receiver
Dual Band ADS-B Traffic/Weather
Remote unit - No Panel Space Required
Wireless Connectivity

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(650.00 ex. VAT)
Garmin GMA 245 Audio Panel

• 6.25" (160mm) Stack Mount
• 3D Audio
• Bluetooth® connectivity
• CAN Interface for G3X
• Non Certified

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(1155.00 ex. VAT)
Garmin GNX 375 Navigator
Introducing the GNX 375 GPS navigator with Localizer Performance with Vertical guidance (LPV) approach capability. Pilots receive the benefits of high-integrity WAAS/SBAS GPS gu...

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Garmin GNC355A GPS/COM

• WAAS GPS Navigator
• 8.33KHz Transceiver
• 6.25" (160mm) Stack Mount
• LPV and RNAV Guidance

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(5350.00 ex. VAT)
Garmin GMA 245R Remote Audio Panel

6.25" (160mm) Panel Mount
Interfaces to Garmin G3X
3D Audio
6-Place Intercom with Bluetooth
USB Charging port
Non Certified

Our Price 1260.00
(1050.00 ex. VAT)
Garmin GTX 35R / GTX 45R ADS-B Remote Mount Transponder for G3X
We are pleased to announce the arrival of the GTX 45R and GTX 35R remote mount ADS-B transponders for experimental aircraft. The GTX 45R and GTX 35R both meet ADS-B "Out" req...

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Garmin GPS20A WAAS Position Source for ADS-B
Affordable WAAS position source for ADS-B * Rule-compliant, non-TSO'd GPS position source for experimental aircraft * Adds new capabilities for Garmin G3X and G3X Touch syst...

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Garmin GPS20a Connector Kit (011-03914-00)
Connector kit for Garmin GPS20A WAAS position source

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(29.00 ex. VAT)