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Our Price 38.40
(32.00 ex. VAT)
Bendix King AV80R RS232 Interface Cable
RS232 interface cable with 9pin connector.more >>
Our Price 38.40
(32.00 ex. VAT)
Bendix King AV80R Standard Battery 800mAh
Replacement standard battery. 800mAh.more >>
Our Price 36.00
(30.00 ex. VAT)
Bendix King AV80R High Capacity Battery 1600mAh
Extended battery (1600mAh). Supplied with rear cover.more >>
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Bendix King AV80R 14/8v DC Power Lead (Cig)
Cigarette lighter socket power lead for 11-33v.more >>
Our Price 30.00
(25.00 ex. VAT)
Database Update For Skymap IIIc Topo
Database Update For Skymap IIIc Topo. Refund of 50 given for old* datacard when returned. * only 12Mb (ATI) cards are re...more >>
Our Price 240.00
(200.00 ex. VAT)
Skyforce Cig. lighter Adaptor Cable
Fits Skymap II and IIIc. Allows connection to aircraft power. Custom made as required. Please allow 2-3 days.more >>
Our Price 54.00
(45.00 ex. VAT)
Skyforce PC Interface Cable
Use to connect skymap II/IIIc to PC serial port and power adaptor.more >>
Our Price 58.80
(49.00 ex. VAT)
Skyforce Pedestal Mount
Mount your skymap almost anywhere! Fully adjustable in many ways.more >>
Our Price 210.00
(175.00 ex. VAT)
Skyforce Panel Mount With Power/SMB
Panel mounting plate with mating connectors and connecting leads for power/data and antenna.more >>
Our Price 238.80
(199.00 ex. VAT)
Skyforce Power/Data Cable
Full connecting cable for Skymap II/IIIc. Connections for Power and Data in/out. Bare wire terminated. Made up as required -...more >>
Our Price 48.00
(40.00 ex. VAT)
Skyforce Yoke Mount
Mount your Skymap II/IIIC on your aircraft yoke.more >>
Our Price 156.00
(130.00 ex. VAT)