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Garmin GNS 530 GPS/NAV/COM (Recertified)

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14/28v GNS530 (Non terrain) supplied with tray, install/connector kit, GPS antenna and manuals.

The Garmin GNS 530 represents the single biggest idea in integrated avionics in years. Traditionally it would take a host of components to provide the capabilities represented in this one sophisticated box. It is an IFR GPS, COM (8.33KHz), VOR, LOC and glideslope with colour moving map and MFD capabilities all rolled into one.

At the centre of the system is Garmin's own PhaseTrac 12 GPS-twelve parallel channel GPS receiver. A TSO'd VHF comm offers a choice of 25kHZ or 8.33kHZ spacing for 760 or 3040 channel configuration respectively. A huge Jeppesen database (which can be updated with front loading data cards) contains all airports, VOR's, NDB's, Intersections, FSS, Approach, SID's/STAR's and SUA information. The GNS 530 makes practical use of this information with features like intelligent frequency nominating.

The GNS 530's intuitive software and logical layout prove that this is a system built for pilots, by pilots. So much information. So easy to use. The GNS 530. It'll change the way you look at avionics.

The brilliant colours of the GNS 530's 5" display make the pilot critical information easy to read and interpret. It's especially true of the 530's basemap. You enjoy enhanced situational awareness by seeing your position relative to cities, highways, railways, rivers, lakes and coastlines. But even more importantly, the appropriate use of colour seperates land, data, terminal areas, route and approach information for easy pilot canning and reduced pilot workload. Simply put, the GNS 530 incorporates advanced procedure types usually found only in high-end FMS systems.
  Jeppesen Database
Coverage International
Airports Identifier, city/state, country, facility name, lat/long, elevation, fuel service, control, approach information
VORs Identifier, city/state, country, facility name, lat/long, frequency, co-located DME/TACAN, magnetic variation, weather broadcast
NDBs Identifier, city/state, country, facility name, lat/long, frequency, weather broadcast
Intersections Identifier, country, lat/long, nearset VOR
Frequencies Approach, arrival, control area, departure, Class B, Class C, TMA, TRSA-with sector, altitude and text usage info; also, ASOS, ATIS, AWOS, centre, clearance delivery, ground, pre-taxi, tower, unicom, localizer and ILS
Runways Designation, length, width, surface, lighting, pilot controlled lighting freq.
FSS Identifier, reference VOR, freq, usage
ARTCC Identifier, freq., usage
MSA Minimum safe altitude along and in proximity to active flight plan
Approaches Non-precision and precision approaches thoughout the database coverage
SIDs/STARs Contains all pilot-nav SIDs and STARs
Airspaces Class B and C with sectors, International CTA and TMA with sectors; all special use airspace, including MOAs, prohibited and restricted areas-with controlling agency and airport
  Safety Features
Emergency Search: 9 Nearest airports, VORs, NDBs, intersections, or user waypoints; 2 nearest FSS and ARTCC frequencies
Alarms: Arrival and CDI; timers; airspace alarms at 10 minutes, 2nm and inside airspace
  User Customisation
Waypoints: 1000 user defined
Flight Plans: 20 reversible; up to 31 waypoints each
GPS: TSO C129a, Class A1 (en route, terminal and approach)
GS: TSO C34e
VHF COM: TSO C37d, Class 4 and 6 (transmit) and TSO C38d, Class C and E (receive)
  GPS Performance
Reciever: PhaseTrac12, twelve parallel channel receiver, simultaneously tracks and uses up to twelve satelites
Aquisition Time: 12 seconds (warm), 45 seconds (cold)
Update Time: Once per second, continuous
Accuracy: Position-15 metres (49ft) RMS, 1-5 metres with differential corrections, Velocity-0.1knot RMS staedy state
Dynamics: Velocity (max) - 999knots, Acceleration (max) - 6g
Nav Features: Pilot Defined Waypoint Selection and Waypoint Hold, Closest Point of Approach, Departure and Arrival Frquencies, Approach Navigation using published approach procedures stored on NavData card, Terminal Navigation using SIDs/STARs from NavData card
Planning Features: True Airspeed, Density Altitude, Winds Aloft, RAIM Availability, Sunrise/Sunset Times, Trip and Fuel Planning, Vertical Naviation (VNAV)
Interfaces: ARINC 429, Aviation RS-232, CDI/HSI, RMI (digital: clock/data);Superflag Out, Altitude (serial: lcarus, Shadin-Rosetta, encoded Gillham/Greycode), Fuel Sensor, Fuel/Air Data
Map Datums: 124, plus one user defined
  VOR Performance
Frequency Range: 108.00 MHZ to 117.95 MHz
VOR/LOC Composite: 0.50Vrms/0.35Vrms
CDI Output: +/- 150mV Full Scale
Centering Accuracy: +/- 2.0 degrees
Flag Sensitivity: -103.5 dBm
DME Channeling: 2x5 available
Audio Sensitivity: -103.5 dBm for 6 dB S/N with 1 kHz 30% mod
Audio Output: 100 mW minimum into 500 ohm load; External amplifier required
  GS Performance
Frequency Range: 329.15 MHz to 335.00 MHz
CDI Output: +/- 150mV Full Scale
Centering Accuracy: 0 ddm +/- 0.0091 ddm
  LOC Perormance
Frequency Range: 108.10 MHz to 111.95 MHz
CDI Output: +/- 150mV Full Sale
Accuracy: <4.5mV
Flag Sensitivity: -103.5 dBm
Audio Sensitivity: -103.5 dBm for 6 dB S/N with 1kHz 30% mod
Audio Output: 100 mW minimum into 500 ohm load; External amplifier required
  COMM Performance
Frequency Display: Upper left corner of active matrix LCD, 2 lines with active frequrency above standby
Channels: 760 @25 kHz spacing); configuration for 2280 channels (8.33 kHz spacing) also provided
Frequency Range: 118.000 MHz to 136.975 MHz
Transmit Power: 10 watts minimum
Modulation: 70%
Receive Sensitivity: 2.0 uV for 6 dB S/N with 1kHz 30% mod
Squelch Sensitivity: 2.0 uV typical
Audio Output: 100 mW minimum into a 500 ohm load; External amplifier required
  Physical Specifications
Unit Size: W-6.25in, H-4.60in, D-11.00in behind panel with connectors
Unit Weight: 8.5lbs installed
Display: Colour LCD
Power: 27.5 VDC
Data Storage: Seperate internal battery protects stored data for up to five years
Temperature: -20C to +55C (operating range), -20C to +70C (short term operation)
Humidity: 95% non condensing
Altitude Range: -1,500ft to 50,00ft
Standard Package: GNS 530 and NavData Card, GPS Antenna, Installation Rack and Connectors, Pilots Guide Quick Reference Guide, Database Subscription Packet
Options: User Data Card
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