Update SkyEcho 2 Transceiver Software

Before you begin

Download the latest transceiver software for SkyEcho 2

SkyEcho 2 Transceiver v.2.6.13

2.6.13 Released 12/30/2020
Set default SDA to 1
2.6.9 Released 12/16/2019
Boost serial connection to GPS receiver.

Connect to the SkyEcho 2

  1. Prior to beginning the process download the latest firmware from the link above.
  2. To connect to the SkyEcho 2, power on SkyEcho 2 and join a device to the wireless network SSID named SKYECHO-XXXX using the procedure for your device. This procedure is identical to joining any other public or private Wi-Fi on your chosen device.
  3. If required, enter uavionix as the WPA password for the secure Wi-Fi network, then tap join. Note: The No Internet Connection message is normal when connected to SkyEcho 2.
  4. Open any browser on your computer/mobile device that is connected to your SkyEcho 2 via the Wi-Fi link and type in the address bar.

The following landing page should load:

Update the Transceiver Software

NOTE: Images below are provdided as examples, your own page layout and buttons may vary based on firmware version, web browser, etc.

While connected to the SkyEcho Wi-Fi as directed above:

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to
  2. Click on the “ADS-B Version” Update Link:
  3. Select Choose File

  4. Browse to the previously downloaded file
  5. Select Open
  6. Select Update
  7. After the process completes the SkyEcho 2 will restart and return to the .  You may need to reconnect to the SkyEcho Wi-Fi.
  8. Verify the firmware update has completed and the new version (2.6.13) is listed on the SkyEcho 2 status page at

Select SDA Value

While Connected to the SkyEcho Wi-Fi as directed above:

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to
  2. Select SkyEcho Settings
  3. Locate the SDA settings in the lower left-hand section of the configuration table.Select the proper SDA value based on the SkyEcho 2 User Manual or local regulatory guidance.At the time of publishing the current requirements are:Australia: Set the SDA to 1. 
    United Kingdom:
      Set SDA to 0 (zero).The RTCA standards require SDA =1 before data can be presented to aircraft with certified ADS-B In systems.Image showing SkyEcho2 configuration screen with SDA box highlighted.

  4. Select Apply